Squidwolf Server – Public BETA Launch

finally, Finally, FINALLY! got Squidwolf Server Network launched!

File Sharing Server is up & running, tomorrow i’ll begin work on activating the mail servers & everything else.

There are still around 60 places available for the Public BETA.

Anywho, just an update.

I’m off.

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So here I am writing my Online Journal & you’re reading it. I didn’t ask you to and I didn’t ask you to watch any of my videos either. I don’t owe you anything and you don’t owe me your viewership or readership….

…but thanks for everything anyway.

God, the more I look around me the more I wish I was elsewhere. I miss the good old days (and I’m 18…jeez how bad is that!).

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Tales from Omegle: Chapter I

I had quite a good day today. I met with some people about possible part-time jobs & stuff and it seemed to go well so um…watch this space!

So it’s 22:30 on a Tuesday night, I’m sat at my computer with a Sandwich & a Can of Coke. I thought i’d check out Omegle again. I’ve not been on there for a while…

I’m thinking of doing a mini-series on this, consider this the first chapter.

Note: for those of you who don’t know what Omegle is. It’s a website that you can go on to talk to complete stranger in total anonymity……yea I know, weird right?

The first conversation:

You: Good Evening Stranger: hey Stranger: asl?

You: 18 M England 

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

So um…..I guess he doesn’t like people who live in England OR he wants to meet girls and the extremely remote chance of cam2cam…..fucking lol. Seriously, check on the ‘video’ not the ‘text’ chat button. The next guy I connected with didn’t even try to dance around the issue.

As soon as I clicked connect….BLAM!!! right there.

The second conversation: 

Stranger: 20/m looking for a horny girl to trade sex pics with

You: Good evening

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

I guess saying ‘Good Evening’ means you aren’t a horny girl who wants to trade sex pics…..wtf?!?!?! Isn’t there enough porn on teh internetz as it is.

The third conversation: 

You: Hello Stranger: oh hey :)

You: What’s occuring?

Stranger: nothing you?

You: 18

You: Just thought I’d see how many purverts I could find on Omegle in the space of 15 minutes.

You: Found 2 so far….

You: What ya up to?

Stranger: LOL , i hate them . : $
and nothing much , thanks :)

You: I’m doing an Omegle experiment at the moment. Just blogging about Omegle conversations…

Stranger: oh, true. All goes quiet for a minute…

You: So…

Stranger: i dont know, why are you doing a Omegle experiment?

You: Something to write about, I’ve got nothing interesting for today’s journal entry.

Stranger: oh true.
the perverts on here are stupid. :$
You: Indeed

Stranger: haha , yup . : $ At this point, I open up a new tab with a new Omegle window… 

You: …anyways Stranger: i dont know. You: Looks like this convo has died. It’s been nice talking to you, stranger. Goodbye

Stranger: goodbye . :)

I ended it, he may or may not have been an internet purvert. My instincts say he was because asking age so early into a convo puts a red flag up…..anyways moving on.

The fourth conversation: 

Stranger: heyyy

Stranger: wanna fuck my virgin pussy?

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

I didn’t even get a chance to say anything. It was probably a SpamBot for a pay-for-porn site anyways.

The final conversation: 

Stranger: hey ;o

You: *tips hat*

Stranger: kayy lol how are u?

You: Doing an Omegle experiment

Stranger: govnaaaa y u no speak to me xD kayy what kind of?

You: Posting interesting convos on my online journal

Stranger: kayy :P Stranger: could i see it? :D

You: possibly, search for Omegle on tumblr tomorrow.

Stranger: kayy yea im on tumblr ;DD You: sweet

Stranger: but why do u say online journal, blog is much easier :D

You: “a Blog sounds like something that lives at the bottom of a pond & communicates through farts”

Stranger: who said that lmao xD

You: A dude who does video game reviews over at Escapist Magazine

Stranger: oh okay :D You: Ben “Yahtzee” Crosshaw on Zero Punctuation ….anywho this sounds like an ad, i’ll stop.

Stranger: but online journal sounds like smth that lives in a palace and communicates through poetry : DDD

You: Well isn’t that charming, I’ll carry on calling it an Online Journal :)

Stranger: :DD haha

You: I’ve done 5 of these convos & 3 of them have turned out to be purverts.

You: Congrats on not being a douche Stranger: thank u so much : 3

You: Omegle seems like it’s solved a problem that wasn’t there, I picture a time before the Internet when instead of Omegle; people would strap messages to carrier pigeons & wait for a reply…

Stranger: umm yeah lol :’D what if we still did that :P

Stranger: but isn’t email like that thing and not omegle? im js

You: you can’t email a stranger though …=\ oooo ima make a website for emailing strangers

Stranger: x)) cool You: so um…..here’s a question for ya. You: In a fight between astronauts and cavemen, who would win?

Stranger: kayy

Stranger: what theeee xD idek lol

Stranger: what kind of fight xD

You: ok well..

Stranger: what kind of weapons or such do astronauts have lol xD

You: lets say it’s in a field and the astronaut has a riot stick and the cavemen have clubs

Stranger: cavemen win? D: xD

Stranger: what does this have to do with anything :DD lol how am i supposed to know? xD whatever can happen

You: ok well it’s your decision, there’s no right or wrong answer. but it usually starts a debate, I was on the phone to someone for an hour with this, they got really worked up over it.

Stranger: :’DD ahahaa

You: Anywho this has been an interesting conversation but I must go now. I’ll post this on my blog, feel free to read.

You: http://squidwolf.tumblr.com

Stranger: kayy thx :D You: *tips hat*

You: Bye

That is possibly one of the most civilised conversations I’ve had on Omegle. The guy/girl (don’t know) seemed very nice from the new minutes we talked and I’ll never know who they really were. From that conversation, it gave me hope that the phrase “8 out of 10 people on the internet are douchebags” may be slightly over-exaggerated. But from the percentage of people I talked to in the five conversations I did, it may be true…..i’ll leave it up to you to decide.

But for now, this has been Flying Squidwolf.

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I received this in my mail today. It was the last thing I opened, which was good because it got me in a good mood :) yay me!

“OMG I had the horrifying experience of seeing the absolute waste of MB’s that you put up on YouTube. And my sister, the poor lost soul, actually likes your videos and what you and your little friends do in them. WHICH IS NOTHING! I’ve got a question though.

Q1: Do you have a life…as in, do you leave your house?



Ok, so *clears throat*. First of all, I’d like to thank you for your feedback. However, for your own protection, I won’t post your YouTube user name, your IP address, your MSN account name, your facebook profile page, your Xbox LIVE GamerTag or any of the other information I now have on you from my sources. (including your WoW character name…tsk tsk).

So, lets begin with a short review on your syntax. You seem to be able to use correct grammar, punctuation and spelling within the first paragraph but then you descend into the realm of incorrectly using text language with ChavSpeak in the last 3 paragraphs…something wrong?

Next, I appreciate the fact that your sister finds my videos entertaining, that’s what they are there for but looking at the crap you watch on teh internetz, you can’t really insult anyone else, let alone your sister. Examples below:

Here, here and here.

(sorry, the last one was for fun)

Ok, so you asked me a question. And, being the good ‘ol chap that I am, i’ll answer. Unless you are a complete fuckwit who doesn’t know what ‘outside’ looks like (probably not because, judging by the extra baggage you are carrying in the form of lard, you are probably inside all day playing WoW), you’d realise that most of my videos are, in fact, shot outside.

Also, it’s Blog, not ‘bloug’…..or is this some new form of blogging for fat people & WoW players?

Next, you can’t really take anyone seriously if they admit that their sister finds someone they hate, cute. And it’s spelled break, not brake. That is something you put in a car, for people who leave the house.

Lastly, I know where you live now so if you’d like, I’ll pop round with my computer & a hockey stick and i’ll let you ‘brake’ my computer if you let me break yours. But you’d probably miss yours more than I’ll miss mine because it’s probably the only form of a social life you have, in a virtual world.

And as a final note, I’d like to say Hi to your 19-year-old sister. Sorry, yes you are goodlooking but I’m already taken. I have a girlfriend who I love very much.

How is the weather over there in sheffield???

And on that bombshell, it’s time to end the show.

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So, on Friday I went to Formby beach (that’s near Liverpool) with College. It was an…interesting trip. Firstly, Emily & me had a little bit of a to-do during the morning part of the trip which involved virtually no communication between us the whole trip there. I actually got College on-time that day & handed in 2 weeks worth of EMA claims (£60 should be in my account soon, woop!).

Anywho, Carl (and probably the rest of Manchester) have a slight mutual hatred towards anything remotely from Liverpool so we basically spend the whole trip to Formby pointing out things which liverpool have stole from someone….you probably have to be there at the time to find it funny.

Oh the way there we stopped off at an ASDA and my class managed to piss quite a few of the customers off by making comments about people from Liverpool….was quite funny actually.

When we got there, we got a 5 min tutorial on camera operation and were all set loose on the sandy shores of Formby. MeEmily straightened things out and joined the rest of our group (Aishah and Louise) to start filming. We ate first and I floated around the Sand Dunes and found £1.20 lying around yay me! I couldn’t Check-In at Formby because there was no Cell towers near by. Well pissed off.

At first it was fun, then we all realised how fucking cold it is near the sea, especially when you are constantly being bombarded by the ice-cold Wind. I have no fucking clue why Aishah wasn’t an icicle at that point since she had shorts & tights on.

Oh, and I found a Starfish…

So we finished filming within a half hour. No one was really motivated enough to commit to it seriously because it was FUCKING FREEZING!!!

So we went back up to the beach where everyone else was hanging out and chilled out among the Sand Dunes and there was an abandoned football. We walked through the woods and came to a clearing where there was a Bench so we sat down & Louise gave me a fake cigarette (ya know, the crappy menthol ones). Louise & Emily chilled out while me & Aishah played football for a bit when a stray dog came up to us. I thought I’d be friendly & stroked it & I got dog saliva all over my jeans. It was a well dirty dog like!

About 5-10 minutes after we sat down, a National Trust vehicle pulled up & asked us if we were filming. We said yes & they went on to say that we required a license to film. I said we were doing it for a College project (educational purposes). They said we still needed a license. I gave the nice lady a description of our tutor (fucking bright green jacket, can’t miss her). So she drove off.

15 minutes later, Carl & the others came over. They actually DID have a BB Gun because they were filming with it as part of their story. Anthony thought it would be funny to point the Gun at a National Trust vehicle which caused them to pull up……clever….but funny heh heh.

Anyways, In the space of an hour, my Media group managed to piss off The National Trust.

Achievement Unlocked!

50 G – Pissed off The National Trust

So they wanted to speak to our tutors. We all collectively decided it would be best to keep quiet about the incident until we were out of there, so that’s what we did. On the way home, Carl felt a bit sick. I suppose all of the excitement was too much for him so we stopped off at a Premier Inn.

I’ll upload a YouTube Video of the coach trip back to College. Some entertaining footage.

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Fuck the Rain!

I have woken up every morning this week to the fucking rain, it’s well depressing. Yesterday was probably the worst day for the rain and I am really getting pissed off with straightening my hair only for it to get wet in the Rain and turn into a massive curlyness.

So um, College:   Went to Chorlton Water Park with everyone & shot some video with Emily, Aishah and Louise…..pretty much it. Oh and we’ve started the Web Design unit & we have some new tutor dude called Nick. He seems ok, although he doesn’t know what a Social Networking Site is…..and he teaches Web Design……..like Digg, Reddit, Slashdot etc….WTF DUDE?!?!?!!

Anyways, time for more Halo: Reach

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Clear Out

I felt really slow & tired lately, this happens every year around the name time. I’m sure I should be hibernating during the winter. Half way to College this morning, I noticed my back Bike tyre was being a twat & turns out it’s either got a slow puncture or it just needed inflating and I didn’t notice this morning when I got up. I’m half asleep and chances are I’ll forget anything you say to me before 9am. But I don’t need to be at College til 11:45 on Wednesdays so fast forward the time there eh?

Today was rather slow. Just reviewing some storyboard shit for this filming project we all have to do on Friday in fucking Formby of all places. I’ve heard from everyone that there is fuck-all there so this will be an amazing trip. I’m working with Louise, Emily and Aishah on our lil film project.

Tomorrow, we are all off to Chorlton Water Park for some practice filming. Hopefully it won’t rain because I’m sick of getting drenched now.

Got Home at 5pm & washed up, 4 minutes before mum came through the door so I was in the safe zone with that one. Played on Halo: Reach for a bit, had tea & sorted out the bullshit with my YouTube Channel. I’ll upload the non-ShitStormProducing version of it tomorrow.

Just ran some missions on EVE Online. I’ll probably go on Halo: Reach with james later or sumthin.

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Remember Reach

You picked a hell of a day to join up…..

Well I queued up at the Arndale Centre in town (Manchester) with Emily at 10:30 to buy Halo: Reach from Gamestation. We got talking to a few people there & was good. Got hold of the game at 00:20 and I got told they sold out completely of all copies at about 1am. There were still people queueing to buy it.

I got home & completed the first two missions on Heroic and it is the best looking FPS game I’ve ever played. It makes Halo 3 look so old. Looks like Bungie has once again reclaimed the crown of FPS Gaming.

My mum lent me the £40 to buy Halo: Reach to which I am eternally greatful. I only ended up paying £26.30 for it because I traded in a shit ton of Playstation 2 games.

The rest of the money went on Cab fare home……£8.80 fucking ridiculous!!!

Anywho, today I’ve done pretty much nothing except take turns with Emily playing Halo: Reach. She’s getting pretty good at it.

What I really want to do is give Halo 3 a good send off by organising a Custom Games event with everyone. I’ll probably arrange it for this Friday.

College tomorrow at 11:45….oh the fun. All I wanna do is stay in & play the game.

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