OMG!!! I’ve got a Cold :(

So I’ve got a Cold. I never get Colds but when I do, I get really bad ones. Anywho, stuff that’s gone on. Went to Sheffield DocFest & watched a few Documentary films with some other kids. I met up with Michael Knight & we came on the trip. He’s at the Shena Simon Campus.

I spent most of the way there pissing about on FarmVille with my iPad. We got there & headed out to ‘a venue that resembles a hedgehog’ but we have to Register for the festival first….College forgot to do this. After that we headed to the theatre where we listened to Seminars from respective documentary makers and the panel for the ‘youth vote’. Was very informative but it overrun and alot of people were unhappy about the lunch break being cut short because of it.

So thursday, I stayed home because of this bastard cold I’ve now got. I think I’m over the worst of it so I’ll be back at College this week. I was talking to Becky on Xbox LIVE. We haven’t talked for ages but her Internet went down :(

Friday’s Xbox LIVE session was pretty crappy as most people weren’t on. Earlier that evening I went to a Firework display in Platt Field’s Park with Emily, Laura and Leah.

Saturday I went mental with Fireworks with everyone in the front garden. One of our Rockets exploded above a Neighbour’s house & set their alarm off……hehe.

Sunday came & went pretty quick. I spent a few hours doing Coursework, not much gone on really.

So Monday’s been another lazy day. I was in bed til 1pm…..Now I’m sat here watching Gilmore Girls with Emily.

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I’m definitely gonna upload my next YouTube video on time, like I said. Now, I’m listening to the Rhod Gilbert’s Best Bits Podcast from BBC Radio Wales & done my nightly coursework….got this new schedule plan for coursework catch-up which I’m gonna try to stick to. Which I probably won’t. I’m sorry I mentioned it.

Anywho, College trip tomorrow. We meet up at 8am at the Shena Simon Campus in town. I’m gonna get to town earlier than everyone else cuz I’m gonna do some Parkour before the trip.

I also had a bit of a rant on Foursquare today at people making stupid duplicates of venues such as THIS ONE.

Srsly? We are now splitting up buildings into their own venues?!?!?!

Anywho, moving on.

Gonna enjoy sitting on the Coach with my iPad watching TV Shows, woop! :)

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