Save EMA!!!

The EMA Speech

For some students, EMA is the only source of income they have. The £30 a week is barely anything t live on and the argument that students spend the money on booze and drugs is unfounded. I’m sure this is true for some individuals but the majority of students really need this small amount of money which most of it is spent on travel fare, lunch leaving a minuscule amount for college supplies.

In this tough economic climate where students cant find jobs, EMA is a lifeline for these people. In any case, should students really be forced juggle work with academic studies leaving little time for a social life which is a key element in their development as individuals?

Why is it that this government seems to be continuously stepping on the development of young people? First with the introduction of tuition fees, then increasing those fees to insane amounts alienating a large portion of the population who would have otherwise gone to higher education and now with the scrapping of an allowance which seems like pocket money in today’s climate?

How a nation invests in it’s future through education is one of the defining elements on what makes a great nation, this should be preserved at all costs.


Maths, it’s a wonderful subject and I firmly believe that I holds the key to answering the mot magnificent questions in the universe. But should everyone be forced to study this subject beyond their ability? Should whether you can solve complex equations such as:

( x-2 ) ( x-3 )

Really decide if you can pursue your ambitions in a field which requires little knowledge of mathematics? It doesn’t seen logical or fair that someone who passionately seeks a career in the Film Industry is restrained by whether they can solve complex algebra.

Why is creativity chained-up by mathematics? Why is your passion to become a filmmaker limited by your algebra skills?

Isn’t it time to release the chains and open up people’s choices to what they are passionate about and not to what you think the cookie cutter thinks you needs to be able to do?


Meh so a lot of shit has happened since I could last bothered to write anything. I’m back at college. I’m lagging behind with my ‘schedule’ of YouTube videos. To be honest, I’ve been tired a lot lately. On Tuesday I slept for 14 hours straight which actually turned out to be a good thing since I’m now back into a sensible sleeping pattern. Ok so YouTube, I’ll be editing & uploading the videos this weekend.

As for Squidwolf Server, the instant messaging server has become corrupted so I’m gonna have to rebuild the whole fucking thing from scratch…oh the fun.

I got word from two of my university choices that they’d received my applications, Aberystwyth and Salford Universities, I’m incredibly nervous!!!!

So I’m doing a music video for college in a group with Aisha and Sophiah. My first idea fir the band choice was my sister’s boyfriend’s band but we settled on one of Aisha’s friend’s bands which is fine. We had a fun time brainstorming ideas for the shoot including the band riding through the arndale on scooters wearing scooby-doo costumes being chased by the security guards :)

Pictures will follow…