4/20 ’11

Well I didn’t spend long at 4/20 this year but I thought I’d share this…

There is not one issue that blatantly exposes how F’ed up our system is than the prohibition of marijuana. Unbelievable. What are the arguments still against it?


My favorite: “It’s a gateway drug” I would really love that argument to be brought up in a formal setting, like a press conference or something, and have everyone slowly start chuckling, building the laughter until the place erupts in hysterics. Seriously – the only thing that might be making it a “gateway” drug is that it’s illegal in the first place. Think about it… Kids smoke it once, and almost immediately (after laughing hysterically, eating food and loving it, and exploring their creative sides) realize they’ve been completely bullshitted for the first part of their lives with people cramming propaganda about EVIL marijuana down their throats. (It’s typically people’s first realization that the system and world they live in is full of fucking bullshit – so that’s good I guess). THEN, following this epiphany, it’s not too hard to realize that everyone is full of shit and so it’s a natural and logical extension to apply that to other drugs. “OH if they say weed is so bad and this is all that happens? I laugh and get hungry? Shit they must be bullshitting about cocaine then, too.” Basically the entire anti-drug establishment discredits themselves.


Fucking legalize it already.


One thing though is the tax revenue. I am always curious who comes up with these figures because obviously the value would go down post legalization and therefore tax revenues would go down, too.


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