woo woo!

Guess fucking whattt?!?!?! We have no oven in the halls, NOBODY DOES!!! We’ve got a stove, toaster & microwave but no fucking oven…WTF?!?!?!!

Anyways, I’ve made new friends cuz I’m one cool kid. Fresher’s week has bee awesome with hardly any sleep and probably too much booze. So tuesday (or maybe monday) is when I actually start university. Plans for today? edit a new YouTube video, take a shower, eat junk and work on Squidwolf Magazine.

In addition to hardly any sleep & shit, I’ve been hanging out with Bryony watching films and eating (or trying to eat) a shit ton of Krispy Creme donuts that we stupidly bought a whole box of….fucking nice though!

I shall start a list of things to do in life generally, indefinitely, soon-ish….I’ve already started a lil bit.

  1. See All Time Low live…again
  2. Go to: Australia, India, Japan, China, Italy, Canada, USA, South Korea.
  3. Snowboard
  4. Drive a Bugatti Veyron
  5. See a massive Green Day concert like Bullet in a Bible (hopefully they will again)
  6. Learn how to make Sushi that won’t kill you
  7. Get a Bearded Dragon
  8. Attend Sundance Film Festival
  9. Attend SXSW
  10. Attend iTunes Festival
  11. Attend V Festival
  12. See the Northern Lights
  13. Go to the Olympics (gonna be a bit shit!!!)
  14. Visit all 50 states of the USA
  15. Go to a Diggnation live show (that’s in the US or Europe)
  16. Get at 100% completion on at least one GTA game
  17. Master PHP
  18. Learn Python
  19. Learn Pearl
  20. Learn C

destroy after reading

ok I went through a phase of being a vegetarian for about an hour after hanging out with some people & i’m over it already. I went to Sainsbury’s yesterday on the way back from enrolment (even though they are in opposite directions), its miserable to have to stare at noms you want to buy & restraining yourself. I’ve decided I’m going to be the ‘pancake guy’.


Well ‘first day’ technically was today and it was pretty good, actually. All we did was watch films from the 3rd years but we also got to see some entrants for the Virgin Media Shorts competition.

After that there was an incredibly tedious and boring hour-long lecture about fire safety that was mandatory for the students living in the Halls of Residence, thank God for music & headphones.



So I woke up in my apartment surprisingly early after getting wasted last night. My flatmates are awesome and the apartment is moderately sized although it doesn’t look as nice as it did in the photos on the website…

Orlando Village is alright, 5 minute walk from Sainsbury’s. I went into town today & got some new shoes from NOTE opposite Affleck’s. There is red tape on the inside of Affleck’s on the stairs, I didn’t go in cuz it was closing but I’m kinda worried…but read on facebook.

Yes I haven’t eaten much over the past two days but i’m going to make some ‘healthyish’ late-afternoon lunch now.

…I forgot I was writing this and came back to it like 40 minutes later.

Um.. need to shower, going to meet some friends ..meow

last day

Well today has been eventful. Spent the first half of the day building something my mother got two weeks ago & I decided I should finally get round to putting it together. Then I went to Tesco Extra & managed to spent £110 on shit I need for Uni, finally realising how expensive stuff really is and I also went to Pet’s At Home & got Sweep some treats, he was well happy with his bone :)

So I went to a house-warming party for Grace, didn’t stay long but oh well. I did feel slightly awkward since I didn’t actually know any of her friends, I’ve never been good at ‘stranger parties’. I think she liked the card I made so that’s good.

Oh yea, I got a MiFi since there’s no way in hell I’ll be trusting my dorm’s Internet connection say for XBL.

So less than 10 hours to go…. OMFG!!!

what up

Parkour is good. Manchester is still rainy. I’m meeting new people. Riding ridiculously long bike rides. Eating junk food. Sleeping less & less and maintaining my semi-healthy lifestyle. Making plans to see a few more people before I go to Uni. All good.


So I’ve decided to do one of those lists where you write down what you want to have done by age 30. I remember when I used to be on MySpace that I’d do those sorts of surveys.


I’ll get to work then :)


So I went to town today to post the final piece of the Student Finance puzzle & hung out with Tesha for a bit at Starbucks and ended up getting the met to Eccles for a lil while. Starbucks just seems to be the embassy of relief for the half hour you are in there (unless it’s the Starbucks in Piccadilly Gardens in which case it’s a queuing hell).

I’m not avoid talking about what’s gone on, just don’t really feel like it’s the thing you write in your blog right after it’s happened.

Song: Hometown Heroes; National Nobodies – All Time Low

unemployment sucks

So as most of my friends know, I have been unemployed since january of this year. Early last year and the years before it I had semi-regular part time / one-off jobs which I earned a bit of cash on which involved Web Design or other skills. Quite well paying but annoyingly unfrequent.

Well it appears the recession as hit what I do as well because I have been searching for a part-time job for the best part of 18 months now to no luck. I thought I had landed a web design job last month which I was hoping to be repeat business in the sense that I was pretty enthusiastic about the company the website was going to be for and I had a lot of cool & awesome ideas for them to bring in more business but… oh well.

Now, a good friend of mine has hinted at some possible work for a big Internet company but it will probably be in that ‘grey area’ when it comes to legitimacy…. can’t complain, work is work.

peace out.

Related Soundtrack: The Other Side – Pendulum