Tales from Windows Live – May ’08

So I was looking through my conversation history on MSN and I came across this from 2008…

Adium for Mac OS X – Chat Transcript

00:17:49 Seto: is any1 online

00:18:12 umbrellainabin@hotmail.co.uk: yea charlotte & jon

00:18:48 Seto: (Y)

00:19:01 Seto: thomas saw me in town on saturday goin into a sex shop

00:19:15 umbrellainabin@hotmail.co.uk: LOL

00:19:34 Seto: shut up i was wiv ma gf and her frends and they wanted to go in

00:19:38 Seto: liam was there aswel

00:20:19 Seto: its even on youtube

00:21:09 Seto: have u seen the shop in town

00:21:22 umbrellainabin@hotmail.co.uk: which one

00:21:31 Seto: the xxx factor

00:21:42 umbrellainabin@hotmail.co.uk: yea

00:21:54 Seto: its kinky in there

00:22:00 Seto: smells like sex

00:22:03 umbrellainabin@hotmail.co.uk: isnt that nice

00:22:16 Seto: no its horrible

00:22:29 Seto: my gf liked it tho ::D

00:22:56 Seto: i wanna no where thomas was

00:23:09 Seto: he looks like the kind to hang round [porn shops

00:23:19 umbrellainabin@hotmail.co.uk: i think hes started to go to afflecks

00:23:28 umbrellainabin@hotmail.co.uk: but he gets lost apparently

00:24:13 Seto: how the fuck do u get lost in a buildin that small

00:24:34 umbrellainabin@hotmail.co.uk: heh

00:24:53 Seto: its proven that it takes five minutes to run up and around every floor to the top and bak down agen in five minutes

Changed status to Offline (00:35:56)


Dom: gasp.
Dom: you whoreslut.
Dom: they’re adores.
Natori: my ankle looks weird.
Natori: u git me?
Dom: all ankles do if u relay look at them.
Natori: i see
Natori: i see how it is

Natori: UGHH
Natori: im going on another 2 minute hunt x
Dom: you dont need to brush that.
Dom: just pat t.
Dom: it.
Dom: pat that weave.
Dom: whyyy me.
Dom: where are you.
Natori: FOUND IT
Dom: underwar.
Natori: underunderwear
Natori: thats where it was
Dom: arent we all fighting a war underneat?
Dom: +h.
Natori: tweet that
Dom: /profound.
Dom: omg i should.
Dom: tweet for me.
Natori: i need to unfollow you
Dom: what.

…in other news, #WaysToBeginSex is trending on Twitter.


Geocities, The Grateful Dead, giraffes, geeks, grapes, grass, The Get Up Kids, girls, Google, Gossip Girl.

I’m giving you all a heads up that this alphabet might became “Dom’s Directory of Friends and Acquaintances”.

Gabbi Garcia

Star as she is otherwise known as is my favourite person I met on Xbox LIVE. She is awesome because we met when we first both got Xbox 360s (within about 3-6 months of each other) and we have been friends ever since. We mostly play Halo together starting with Halo 3 and then on to ODST and finally Reach. She is awesome. There is no denying it. You have absolutely no grounds to argue with me about this. Even though there was that one time when she tried to get me to play Fable II and I even went out and bought it then realised I didn’t like it, she can do no wrong.

There are really very few people on my XBL friends list who have been on there as long as her, the only other person who comes close is James followed by Becky.


Things I like that begin with F: Fruit, Friends.

Finding Nemo

So I remember the very first time I watched Finding Nemo. It was when it was first out in the cinema and me & my mother went to see it (Parrswood, if you are interested). I actually almost cried within the first ten minutes due to what happens in it. Really Sad :( ….shit I’m such a sissy.

Now in more recent times, my love for Finding Nemo stems from a certain bff I have (and haven’t seen in ages, come visit Hollie!!!!). She lives for Parkour and is a drunk disaster most of the time, but fuck I love her. She’s one of my favourite people ever in the history of the universe, even though she calls me names and has previously wrapped me up in cling film when we were drunk together. We play EVE Online together, and she can still kick my ass at Mario Kart.

In the past six months my life has changed so much, I went to uni leaving pretty much everything I’ve known behind but I have met some really awesome people there that I love so much, including one in particular.

Oh and if you can’t be bothered reading back through my journal ‘E’ was obviously going to be Eric the Jellyfish so no I didn’t miss the letter out.

Right I’m off to watch True Blood and Viva La Bam with Bryony x