Tales from Windows Live – May ’08

So I was looking through my conversation history on MSN and I came across this from 2008…

Adium for Mac OS X – Chat Transcript

00:17:49 Seto: is any1 online

00:18:12 umbrellainabin@hotmail.co.uk: yea charlotte & jon

00:18:48 Seto: (Y)

00:19:01 Seto: thomas saw me in town on saturday goin into a sex shop

00:19:15 umbrellainabin@hotmail.co.uk: LOL

00:19:34 Seto: shut up i was wiv ma gf and her frends and they wanted to go in

00:19:38 Seto: liam was there aswel

00:20:19 Seto: its even on youtube

00:21:09 Seto: have u seen the shop in town

00:21:22 umbrellainabin@hotmail.co.uk: which one

00:21:31 Seto: the xxx factor

00:21:42 umbrellainabin@hotmail.co.uk: yea

00:21:54 Seto: its kinky in there

00:22:00 Seto: smells like sex

00:22:03 umbrellainabin@hotmail.co.uk: isnt that nice

00:22:16 Seto: no its horrible

00:22:29 Seto: my gf liked it tho ::D

00:22:56 Seto: i wanna no where thomas was

00:23:09 Seto: he looks like the kind to hang round [porn shops

00:23:19 umbrellainabin@hotmail.co.uk: i think hes started to go to afflecks

00:23:28 umbrellainabin@hotmail.co.uk: but he gets lost apparently

00:24:13 Seto: how the fuck do u get lost in a buildin that small

00:24:34 umbrellainabin@hotmail.co.uk: heh

00:24:53 Seto: its proven that it takes five minutes to run up and around every floor to the top and bak down agen in five minutes

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