So I have been ditched by Rachael, Tasha & the others after I was apparently “not pulling my weight” in the group, even though I had already fulfilled the first part of my position within a week which was to build a website…. 15,000 lines of code for nothing, well not entirely.

Rather than bitch about it anymore I came up with my own idea from scratch already, and I’ll use everything I made for their group in my project which includes two brand new jQuery scripts I designed and wrote just for the project. Anyways my idea is to do a sort of “what would EVE look in real-life” movie but I also want to create a community around the project, and a project website. The project will be targeting players of EVE Online.

It’s weird, I have had this idea in my head for quite a while and now I’m actually going to be able to do it, better than I had hoped and get credit for it as well, awesome! There is one problem with the whole project and that is that I’ll need to buy a GoPro camera to be able to do the project. They are really small, high-quality HD camcorders designed for extreme sports such as Snowboard, Rollerblading, Skateboarding and stuff like that. But you can also get bicycle handle-bar attachments for it and that’s how I plan to film the biggest part of the project. The other parts of the project I’ll just hire out university camera equipment and shoot it with *sigh* DV Tape, which is always a pain in the ass to work with. SD is the future!

Where was I? Websites. This week I delivered by keynote presentation to the rest of my media class about my ideas for my project, naturally taking a couple of screen captures of the work that I did for *their* group and using it in my own work, why not? I did the work that they said I haven’t done so why should they be able to use it? A large chunk of the codebase in the website is proprietary to Project: Hazel and Squidwolf Syndicate anyways so even if it was ok in the university’s eyes to use it then they’d have to licence it from me and Project: Hazel anyway. Not that I’m bitter I just don’t like people saying I am not doing work or pulling my weight when clearly I am, the evidence is in front of you.

683x426 NakedMain

And here is the pretty camera, I also want to buy a chest harness for it to film FINALLY some of the Parkour that I do in Manchester and with Lexi, Adara, Kendrix & Kendra in Conwy when I am over there…speaking of which I haven’t actually done any Parkour at all this year and it’s almost April, sheet!!!! Anyways, plans for today? Lazy day, I am actually ahead for once with Uni work since most of it is done so just gonna chill out & watch True Blood with Bryony.

Stolen from AmazingPhil!

1: What’s your name?

Dominic. I go by Dom, Domo, Pokey, Squid, Squidwolf, Flying Squidwolf; though.

2: What is your favourite thing to wear?

My Parkour Wristband.

3: Last thing you ate?

Pasta, Cheese & Spicy Shake.

4: One place you will NEVER eat at?

Buckingham Palace.

5: I say Shotgun, you say…


6: Last person you hugged?


7: Does anyone you know wanna date you?

Yes….oh you wanted a name? Ok it’s /\/\/\/\/\/…

8: Would you date anyone you met online?

Possibly, I have met up with enough people I met online.

9: Name something you like physically about yourself.

My ability to evaporate.

10: The last place you went out to dinner to?

Nando’s Spinningfields.

11: Who is your best friend?

I can’t even to begin to think about knowing how to answer that question. ^_^

12: What time of day is it?

22:01 GMT

13: Who/What made you angry today?

The computers in the editing suite at Uni.

14: Baseball or Football?


15: Ever gone skinny dipping?


16: Favourite type of food?


17: Favourite holiday?


18: Do you download music?


19: Do you care if your socks are dirty?

No, unless they have that ‘please-put-me-in-the-wash-before-I-disintegrate’ smell.

20: Opinion of Chinese symbol tattoos?

Can you read chinese?

21: Would you date the person that posted this?

No and No.

22: Has anyone ever sang or played for you personally?


23: Do you love anyone?

Yes, loads of people!

24: Are coloured contact lenses sexy?


25: Have you ever bungee jumped?

No but hell yes I want to!

26: Have you ever gone white-water rafting?


27: Has anyone ten years older than you ever hit on you?


28: How many pets do you have?


29: Have you met a real redneck÷


30: How is the weather right now?

Miserable! I live in Bolton, England.

31: What are you listening to right now?

Owl City.

32: What is your current favourite song?

Galaxies – Owl City

33: What was the last movie you watched?

Love Actually …I’m not GAY!

34: Do you wear contacts?


35: Where was the last place you went besides your house?

Bryony’s flat, Uni and the cinema.

36: What are you afraid of?

Religious people.

37: How many piercings have you had?


38: What piercings do you want?

Maybe my ear pierced.

39: What’s one thing you’ve learned this year?

Life is hard.

40: What do you usually order from Starbucks?

Caramel Frappucino with Cream.

41: Have you ever fired a gun?

What kind?

42: Are you missing someone?

Loads of people.

43: Favourite TV Show?

Stargate SG-1

44: Do you have an obsession with WoW?

Don’t you dare insult me, WoW is an abomination.

45: Has anyone said you look like a celebrity?

Johnny Depp, Rafael Nadal …I shit you not!

46: What celeb do you look like?


47: Who would you like to see right now?

My mum, my sister, my pets, Tasha, Soffi, Hollie, Catrin, Natori, Jon, Adara, Lexi, Kendrix, Kendra …and a few people who aren’t here anymore.

48: Favourite movie of all time?

It changes every week.

49: Do you find yourself loved?


50: Have you ever been caught doing something you weren’t supposed to?

Multiple times…..oh wait, you kinky bastard!

51: Favourite smell?

The sea.

52: Butter, plain, or salted popcorn?


53: What’s something that really bugs you?

The Conservative Party and Goldman Sachs ….oh and the EU.

54: Do you like Michael Jackson?

As a singer? yes.

55: Taco Bell or Burger King?


56: What’s your favourite type of Smartphone?


57: Favourite Football team?

Football sucks monkeyballs.

58: Ever call a 1-800 number?

I don’t live in the US, and neither do you.

59: What’s the longest time you’ve gone without sleep?

72 hours.

60: Last time you went bowling?

Years ago.

61: Where is the weirdest place you have slept?

In a tree or on a roof, your pick.

62: Who was your last phone call?

My Dad.

63: Last time you were at work?

heh heh.

64: What is the closest orange object near you?

…well the table is a sort of orangey colour.

secret is out.

ok I don’t care who knows, I have fallen in love with Gilmore Girls. I have made it my challenge to watch every episode from start to finish before I leave uni. So how did I get acquainted with such an episode, well it was through my ex that I really started watching the show; but I did occasionally watch them on E4 while I was feeding my One Tree Hill addiction…I see a pattern emerging here!

Anyways! Relating to the video I just posted … niiiiice!!! These Traceurs from Latvia are amazing, WATCH THE VIDEO!!! As for my own Parkour YouTubeness, I will eventually get around to buying a GoPro camera so I can fulfil my dream of shooting a Mirror’s Edge-style series.

If you ever watched Dark Angel, it will be that sort of ‘ambient’ open world feel to it crossed with the futuristic rigidness that DICE brought us with Mirror’s Edge that I will be going for.

(for the record, I don’t do Parkour in the winter.)