Housesitting progress

My brain is causally working in the background on how the hell I am going to move all of my stuff (and Bryony’s stuff) out of halls and back to my mum’s house for the summer. I feel kinda like I’ve been let down slightly by our landlord as he said we could store stuff in the house before moving in…and then we went on holiday before we got the chance.

I can’t wait until we move in to our house though, I think it’s gonna be pretty awesome. And that will be the next epic challenge, moving all of our stuff into it. I’m not moving my server over there until the winter though, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

It is satisfying to finally have a solid place to move to. It’s pretty insane how fucking terrible the mattresses are in BoltonUni’s halls of residence. I’m sure I have probably got permanent back damage from sleeping on those rock hard things. So what’s cooking on my mind now? Will I actually make it to the second year of uni, I have some serious doubts about it and it’s driving me mad. That along with the fact that I have had a blocked ear for a week now, not having stereo hearing sucks!


I can’t sleep much at night now & I’m having trouble trying. Earlier this week I reintroduced myself to Minecraft, so I’m going all out & want to get a gaming server going. I spent three days building in the game via using OP privileges and felt pretty guilty, but I was satisfied afterwards.

I don’t know. Sometimes I just stare at a blank canvas (be it on Minecraft or on photoshop or whatever) & imagine all of the cool stuff I can make & build. Minecraft is an awesome game with awesome possibilities and even more so with the modding community known as “bukkit”. I have such a huge idea in my head for a world that I want to build and release it to the Internet, let me tell you it’s going to be awesome.

I reckon I can get my initial idea up & running within a week with the help of Project: Hazel, we are probably going to have to create an entirely new division for all of the things we want to do with our gaming servers now.

Sometimes I feel smothered by pop culture. I’m so interested in so many things but I guess that’s normal. What I’ve always felt was strange is the fact that I’m very self aware of interest itself. I seem to always respond to literature by questioning the process and development of writing itself rather than the topics dealt with… I don’t know if that’s normal or not.

Dom: you know the guy what wrote Lord of the Rings, was he gay?
Hollie: What what? He was a soldier of course not *posh voice.
Dom: That just popped into my head.
Dom: I thought he was gay.
Dom: …was Gandalf?
Dom: I know Sam was gay.
Hollie: haha
Hollie: sam isn’t gay.
Hollie: he loves wendy!
Dom: Sam is definitely gay.
Hollie: I think wizards are on a different sexual plane to other people.

As good a time as any


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spring best ever

So I took the plunge and finally finished both the mammoth essay for Multi-Platform Research And Distribution. Sadly I’ve yet to finish any of the MediaCity work besides the first essay, so that’s roughly about 2,000 words of so still to go. What else? hmm… as well as a reflective commentary, evaluation and a few other bits and pieces to polish off. I have still yet to relocate the past films of this year and write a reflective commentary to them.

It reminds me of the final year of college, rushing around (at the last minute, obviously) trying to finish everything off in time and yet failing miserably. I’ve always been like this, though. All the way through high school and all the way through college too, leaving everything until the last minute before actually starting on the most boring (and longest) part of it. Hopefully this will finally indicate that I should snap out of it.

Doesn’t fit the title of this post does it? Well today me & Bryony were just….snuggling all day (yes that sounds to soppy, oh well). I woke up in a good mood this morning!!!


I am currently sat in The Meadows while Bryony & Hatty take photos for Uni Work. We got up mega early (8am) & came to Manchester where I showed Bryony some Rooftops where she could take some pictures for her Year 1 finals using Hatty as a model….we also had Nando’s for lunch ^_^