I have basically done no work since I have rediscovered GTA V – I hear that it is really hard for new players to make money on the game compared to those who have been there since day 1. This evening I have done some work, though. As I am writing this final essay for uni I am realising that I have written the same piece of work about a dozen times in different ways since my time at uni, what is my degree?!




You’d think I would be really worried about getting this assignment done since it is the final piece of work and it is due in a few weeks time but I’m really not. I don’t really have the “urgency” feeling when it comes to things but on a scale of 1 to 10 I am a minus 8.


I laughed at this way more than I should have.

I laughed at this way more than I should have.

Pic unrelated, I just found it on 4chan and burst out laughing.  Bryony is back tomorrow, yay! *rushes around tidying* :)


Even though Bryony is going to Oxford today I am not as down as I’d normally be since she comes back on tuesday. We headed into Manchester so I could say bye when she gets the train & I took my camera. After she got the train I walked around Manchester for a bit down Market Street & Piccadilly Gardens. I think Market Street perfectly illustrates why I love this town so much! I’ve had an idea for a new video project called FlyingSquidwolf on Facebook. Basically every so often I’ll upload short five minute videos to my Facebook Profile.

Edit: Plan today? I’m going to spend the afternoon on Xbox LIVE because I haven’t done that in a while & spend sunday doing university coursework.


Yesterday was the longest day of my life, work just dragged on & on. I really love working but the one thing I hate more than anything is the non-creative stuff, you know, the paperwork & bureaucracy that goes with running a business. I ate pork pies, muffins, yoghurt, and doritos for tea. Why? because I can ^_^ I also watched American Hustle with Bryony, it was ‘okay’. I don’t think it lives up to the hype but the story is good.

I managed to get a lot done yesterday crossing off 4 things from my to do list. I’ve finally got a workflow formula that works and it is surrounded by Evernote. I have been using the service for years but I’ve only recently started using it as a full to do list solution.

Have you changed your password yet? This is the big question on the lips of anyone who knows anything about how the internet works & this morning I had a little rant on Twitter over how my uni still hasn’t requested that all of its staff & students change their passwords.

I think the biggest problem with this is that people still don’t know what the heck heartbleed is. If you still are pretty clueless about the whole situation then you can read this article that my company published this week, the writing is focused towards my company’s customers but there is a little checklist you should follow to make sure you are secured against this problem.


The heart of the internet is bleeding

You may begin to question why the most widely used encryption technology, OpenSSL, is run by volunteers. Well because the alternative would make it proprietary and the entire internet is built on open standards.

Good morning Vietnam!

There is no milk in the house! PANIC!!! How will I survive the day without coffee?! What does this day hold, you ask? University coursework, uni project editing, web design projects, just another day I guess.

It is such a beautiful day outside, I envy all of you who are gonna be out in it today!!!


I am so worn out on editing. This edit now has to go on-hold for a week after today due to the university being shut all of next week. So, all of next week will be fully focusing on tackling the mammoth amount of coursework still left to do, what a life.

I missed the McDonald’s breakfast today, damn. Time to go back to Final Cut Pro & being nice to it so it doesn’t crash, at least I’m out of here by 4pm today. I’m not all that worried about the deadline since I’ve come up with a strategy & most of the digital effects can be done from home, I’m going to Manchester this weekend for my mother’s birthday.

Plan for sunday? Well sleeping, hopefully.


Editing went well today and I feel a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulder. I’m (for once) nearly up to date with my coursework. I’m actually scheduling my life well – although it still involves staying up all night, getting no sleep, and getting straight back on with work as soon as I get home from uni.

Venting (don’t read this):

I STILL have 3 reports due. I’ve done half of the 1st one twice now but I’d like to have 2 done by tomorrow ideally (why does it feel so much later than 3pm?) I have a big production report and the whole edit due at the end of the month. The edit is actually the thing I’m least worried about but the report is looming over my head, but it should be okay – I have 3 weeks.

I also have to finish a solid plan for deploying new features on Squidwolf Hosting & maybe start tackling my huge reading list at some point? I said I would read The Hunger Games but I’ve only just reached the capitol & that was a year ago.


I also need to make some time for making more YouTube videos & finishing the script for The Kitchen Gang…urgh, I’m either not busy at all or EVERYTHING comes around at the same time!


Urgh! I really didn’t want to get out of bed this morning.

Time to float on down to uni & carry on with editing the zombie film, I bet nobody else is even there yet! Here I am writing a blog post while drinking my morning coffee & eating an English Muffin.

This cup isn't actually mine.

Don’t I look delightful in the morning?



Zeitgeist The Movie

The most important film you will ever watch

So since this blog has really just been ‘Dom writes nonsense and reposts things’, I’m making a little list of things I think you should all watch. First on the list is Zeitgeist: The Movie, it is available on Netflix so there is really no excuse for not watching it since its all included in your subscription. For those of you who still haven’t got a Netflix account (what is wrong with you?!) then leave a comment & I’ll try to hook you up with a few months free or something, no promises though!

Oh shit, I have a boatload of emails to write & do 3 reports for next week. I also have a huge film to edit, maybe I should stay away from Minecraft tomorrow…