I am so worn out on editing. This edit now has to go on-hold for a week after today due to the university being shut all of next week. So, all of next week will be fully focusing on tackling the mammoth amount of coursework still left to do, what a life.

I missed the McDonald’s breakfast today, damn. Time to go back to Final Cut Pro & being nice to it so it doesn’t crash, at least I’m out of here by 4pm today. I’m not all that worried about the deadline since I’ve come up with a strategy & most of the digital effects can be done from home, I’m going to Manchester this weekend for my mother’s birthday.

Plan for sunday? Well sleeping, hopefully.


Editing went well today and I feel a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulder. I’m (for once) nearly up to date with my coursework. I’m actually scheduling my life well – although it still involves staying up all night, getting no sleep, and getting straight back on with work as soon as I get home from uni.

Venting (don’t read this):

I STILL have 3 reports due. I’ve done half of the 1st one twice now but I’d like to have 2 done by tomorrow ideally (why does it feel so much later than 3pm?) I have a big production report and the whole edit due at the end of the month. The edit is actually the thing I’m least worried about but the report is looming over my head, but it should be okay – I have 3 weeks.

I also have to finish a solid plan for deploying new features on Squidwolf Hosting & maybe start tackling my huge reading list at some point? I said I would read The Hunger Games but I’ve only just reached the capitol & that was a year ago.


I also need to make some time for making more YouTube videos & finishing the script for The Kitchen Gang…urgh, I’m either not busy at all or EVERYTHING comes around at the same time!


Urgh! I really didn’t want to get out of bed this morning.

Time to float on down to uni & carry on with editing the zombie film, I bet nobody else is even there yet! Here I am writing a blog post while drinking my morning coffee & eating an English Muffin.

This cup isn't actually mine.

Don’t I look delightful in the morning?



Zeitgeist The Movie

The most important film you will ever watch

So since this blog has really just been ‘Dom writes nonsense and reposts things’, I’m making a little list of things I think you should all watch. First on the list is Zeitgeist: The Movie, it is available on Netflix so there is really no excuse for not watching it since its all included in your subscription. For those of you who still haven’t got a Netflix account (what is wrong with you?!) then leave a comment & I’ll try to hook you up with a few months free or something, no promises though!

Oh shit, I have a boatload of emails to write & do 3 reports for next week. I also have a huge film to edit, maybe I should stay away from Minecraft tomorrow…


I need dis!

I really want these!

I found the perfect New Rock boots for me. £150, totally affordable, and not at all outrageous. Sadly they will not be affordable until the next (and final) student loan payment of which I need to save every last penny, depressing. is now 2014 and still no coat!

Well…it is now 2014 and still no coat!

I really want this! It says 2013 on the poster and it is clearly 1/4 of the way through 2014 now but still no coat. Maybe sending them a tweet would help? or just be kinda depressed & look for another one for the next few months. (incase you can’t tell, i really want a Malcolm Reynolds Browncoat.)

You can’t take the sky from me!

Bar Crawl madness!

One explanation of this would be that I spend more time making these dumbs videos than editing what I should actually be editing. I seriously scour editing bins and folders for clips of people looking typically “awkward”. They will ultimately end up in weird shit like this.

Enjoy! This took about five minutes to make of which several hours of potential productive time was wasted.


I’m stuck in my weird sleeping pattern again. The past few days I have regularly been going to sleep around 3am. I woke up today at 10am today when I should have been in uni at that time. I managed to get some editing done today on my final major project for uni despite the fact that all of the editing suites were taken and the tutor (and his 4 students) wouldn’t let anyone else in the computer room which has 30+ computers.

My favourite coffee cup.

The thing that helps me get out of bed.

This is my favourite cup.
The fact that there are less than five weeks of university left for me and then I’ve officially completed my education, which has been a fixture my entire life. Its time to dive into the real world but I’m cautiously optimistic, Potion Forest LLP is doing good and I’ll be incorporating Squidwolf Syndicate as an “LTD” in the summer officially founding two companies in under a year.

Plan for the rest of this evening? Minecraft with Bryony & Lydia! :) <3

Weekend Warrior

This has been one busy week! Monday I was swamped with getting all of my uni work organised in an effort to make an attempt at finishing it. It started off as a nice day because I think when the sun is out during Winter time I dunno it just feels…epic, I can’t really explain it because I feel sad at the same time yet happy.

I spent all monday smashing through my first research paper & got it completed on time, amazing right?! I’m the sort of person which makes everyone who is a “time freak” nervous, I leave everything until the last minute and get everything finished within one 24 hour period and I’m convinced my best work comes out then.

Bryony’s photography exhibition opened this week & I’m really proud of what she managed to do, some really awesome work! Seriously if you are around Bolton near Market Place Shopping Centre at all before christmas you should head up there, grab yourself a Starbucks and go & check out the work. Although say for an unwanted guest it has been an awesome exhibition…I’m saying awesome a lot this post.

Right now I’m trying to get as much of my to do list finished as I can, I’m about halfway through my final two papers and then that is it for christmas! Rock on!