Ships of the gallente variety

This week’s Gal Mil Radio podcast (and the last one in this series) is up on Soundcloud. It is sad to see Gal Mil Radio go but its necessary for us to move forwards with our plans at our new home in Legacy. Things are starting to get real and you’ve no doubt noticed that I’ve stopped doing little snippet videos for these things, I simply don’t have the time right now.

As always, IRL stuff gets in the way of my internet spaceships and every time I manag to get on top of my ever-growing to do list, a curveball is thrown my way and knocks me back again. Its like a never-ending game of Whack-A-Mole, and these metaphors are becoming strained.

Anyways, check us out on the usual places. We’ve rebranded the pages on Facebook, Twitter, and we also have a shiny new website going live soon. Show your love!

Last night was a crucial night in the development of the studio for Legacy Radio as I’ve just wired in the final pieces of gear which will stop us sounding like potatoes on the airwaves. In hindsight I should have investment in proper gear from the beginning, but the grass is always greener or something.

I heard a story that Jim is planning to attack the TTT Keepstar in Perimeter, yeah….right.