Conflict and love

So the big war (you know, the one that was supposed to be over my Christmas) is still raging on, and although it looks like Legacy will be able to kick the grrr Goons out of their stronghold in Delve, hold it will be another task entirely.

Add to the mix that some of the alliances and corporations are starting to run dangerously low on funds for their war chest, and the impending clusterfuck that’ll be simultaneously holding their current territory AND their new claims in Delve. We’ve got many months to go.

And I absolutely love it!

I make no attempt to hide that I derive all of my entertainment in EVE for watching (and sometimes manipulating) events in New Eden, I am like a kid in a candy shop at the moment.

If only I had more time to log in.

I also make no attempt to hide the fact that I have contributed very little to my alliance’s efforts in this war, apart from the occasional entertainment on voice comms and the non-existent radio show that I ran last year.

Trust me, I’ll be back.