A bit Trivial

Yeah I’ve been putting it off for a while but I logged in today, but then I saw the tsunami of unread EVEMails and read about 4 of them.

Sigh I need a PA.

Ships From Heaven

Now then, you followers of my storied EVE life who live in the UK are properly at least dimly aware that EVE London is the oldest player-organised meet-ups, and if you’re like me then you are craving their return.

It looks like we are getting what we are wishing for, a meet-up this November.

Fly safe.

Third War

War, war hasn’t changed.

Remember when we thought that this would be over by Christmas? This has been going on for nearly two years now.


Boy, you would have been amused the Talking In Stations podcast yesterday. I say ‘amused’ rather than ‘enjoyed’ because anyone in the Legacy Coalition is currently cringing over all of this drama.

I love drama as much as the next idiot, but this is just downright cringe.

Space markets

Yes, I can now confirm that I’m working on a pilot for my market show.

No really


Yes, after 5 years of talking about this market show idea, I am finally doing it.

3 Ho’s and all that

Ffs, I’m being a bit at keeping this EVE blog updated. Truth be told is that I’m being a bit shit at logging in lately, and even shitter and undocking (but thats always the case).

Anyways, its Boxing Day and I just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Covid-free 2021 as I love you all (even the Goons, who would we have to shoot if not them?)

Fly safe, keep safe.


I don’t know about you but I think Goons are in trouble. But they keep saying we haven’t found “the real Delve” yet so I dunno what to think.

Its almost time

On my channel: We’ve Moved, Studio Diagram, and The Studio. What, you want fancy graphics and explosive music? I’m a bit busy at the moment. Also, I can’t really provide that as I don’t undock in the game.

Anyways, you should just be happy that Legacy Radio is returning this weekend, stop being so demanding!

Fly safe.