I’d be obliged to be a station trader right now

My complete lack of out-of-station activity lately has just reinforced my belief that I simply belong in a station, forever, as either a trader or a washed-up DJ.

It isn’t long to go before Legacy Radio graces the airwaves (or, spacewaves?) of New Eden once again and I can resume doing what I do best, annoying people and refusing to undock.

Watch this space, heh heh get it?

Heir to the Duchy of Squidlantis

Today was a less than eventful day. So uneventful in fact, that I don’t know why I’m writing a blog. I didn’t log in, I didn’t talk to any pilots on Discord, and no spreadsheeting was done either.

You could say that I’m just wasting bandwidth writing this blog, and you’d be right.


Remember when I said I intended this blog to be updated regularly as a sort of ‘digest’ of the things I am up to in EVE? Ah what optimistic thinking that was. The fact is I’m so damn busy these days from my multitude of projects that it is hard to find the time to actually sit back and reflect.

But what are you actually here for? Finding out about the radio and *gasp* possibly video content? Well pilot, you can rest easy. The radio will be back soon, and hopefully I can provide entertainment focused on EVE Online, while the everything else is Apocalypse Offline.


Update your damn site, squid, you lazy twat. You don’t even have to think of anything clever if you’re tired. Sigh.

Is it over?

I’ve seen numerous messages on Discord and in-game mail speculating whether Legacy Radio is gone for good, or is it returning.

The answer is yes, yes we will be back

But when? In November, but we have something special planned for halloween.

Imperium is run by chimps

I really expected more from the Imperium, an organisation that has been the undisputed staple in New Eden of resilience, efficiency, and propaganda mastery.

But that I’ve seen over the past two weeks has shattered this opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not supporting them in any way. I am allied with Legacy. But, I just expected more.

Oh well, fly safe.

Riding the airwaves

I’ve been on air for about a week now with Legacy Radio and besides a few bumps in the road in the background, its going great. We’ve eaten up most of EVE-Radio’s listeners, and probably some from NER; and we are still growing.

Very exciting!

Back to Immensea

Hello everyone, I’m back from my holidays in Verge Vendor. This may be a little confusing since I clearly stated in my last show on Legacy Radio and blog last week that I was already in high-sec. Well, it’s not that hard to figure out: going over to The Forge is most definitely not a holiday, more like an ordeal. Ewww Caldari space.

Anywho, I’m looking forward to bringing you video editions of our shows on Legacy Radio, which will be available on Twitch soon.